Enjoying Boston
Residents gather for ice skating after work.
Forging new bonds
The Class of 2021 and training directors participate in a pre-internship Outward Bound retreat at Thompson’s Island.
Working together
Residents and MGH Associate Program Director Charlotte Hogan tackle a challenge at an Outward Bound retreat.
Catching Up
Residents from the Class of 2022 meet for a relaxing dinner at Program Director Scott Beach’s home.
Shared Experience
Residents from the Class of 2023 make new connections.


Every year, 16 residents join our program, and 16 residents graduate. Our residents come from all over the United States and other countries. They represent a unique group of psychiatry residents in their talents, generosity, collegial spirit, curiosity, and desire to have fun while pursuing rigorous training. They come to MGH and McLean already with multiple degrees, world travel, research innovations, and community service. They bring an open and giving heart enthusiastic for clinical practice.They are ready team players and form an extraordinary bond with their classmates and fellow residents that lasts a lifetime of friendship and collegiality. Our residents will often comment that their favorite part of the MGH/McLean residency experience is the residents they get to share it with. Nearly two thirds of each class stay in Boston, and we are continually enriched by their passion for psychiatry and contributions to our field. These pages hope to introduce you to who we are in hopes that our enthusiasm and commitment to psychiatry resonates with your own passion for our field.

MGH/McLean has been the perfect environment for somebody, like me, who is keen to explore, expand, and hone their interests. New resident, Class of 2020