Women's Health:

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Christina Borba, PhD, MPH

Director of Research, Chester M. Pierce Division of Global Psychiatry, MGH

MGH Global Psychiatry

Psychotic disorders and cultural psychiatry in low-resourced settings in the US and abroad as well as women's mental health and gender differences in care.

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Lee S. Cohen, MD

Edmund N. and Carroll M. Carpenter Associate Professor of Psychiatry, HMS

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health Across the Life Cycle

mood disorders in the perinatal period

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Marlene Freeman, MD

Director of Clinical Services, MGH Center for Women's Health
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, MGH

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health

clinical research, clinical trials, perinatal psychiatry, mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum period, menopause, complementary and alternative treatments for depression in women

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Shelly Greenfield, MD, MPH

Chief Academic Officer, McLean Hospital
Chief, Division of Women’s Mental Health, McLean Hospital
Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinical and Health Services Research Program, McLean Hospital
Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program

Development of new treatments for patients with substance use disorders and innovating the integration of delivery of mental health and substance abuse treatment services into diverse settings

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Kristin N. Javaras, DPhil, PhD

Assistant Psychologist, Division of Women's Mental Health, McLean Hospital
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Center of Excellence in Women’s Mental Health

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Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc

Director, Women's Hormone and Aging Research Program, HMS
Director of Research Development, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Director, Division of Women's Mental Health, BWH; Director, Psycho-Oncology Research, Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor, BWH

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health Across the Lifecylce

menopause-associated insomnia and depression

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Milissa Kaufamn, MD, PhD

Medical Director, Hill Center for Women, McLean Hospital
Medical Director, Adult Trauma Disorders Treatment Track, McLean Hospital
Director, Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program, McLean Hospital
Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Hill Center for Women

The assessment and treatment of trauma-spectrum disorders including acute stress disorder, PTSD, and the dissociative disorders