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Bill Carlezon, MA, PhD

Career Mentor

Chief, Division of Basic Neuroscience, McLean Hospital
Director, Behavioral Genetics Laboratory, McLean Hospital
Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Behavioral Genetics Laboratory

Molecular basis of depressive disorders, as well as the co-morbidity of depression and other disorders including anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse

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Hilary Smith Connery, MD, PhD

Clinical Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center

novel treatments for opioid dependence and co-morbid psychiatric and substance-use disorders

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Gregory Fricchione, MD

Director, Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Senior Scientist, MGH Global Psychiatry Unit
Associate Chief, MGH Department of Psychiatry
Director, MGH Division of Psychiatry and Medicine
Director, MGH Division of International Psychiatry;

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Global Psychiatry

global psychiatry, mind body medicine, comorbidity of psychiatric and medical conditions

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James Hudson, MD, ScD, SM

Director, Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, McLean Hospital
Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Biological Psychiatry Laboratory

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinical Research Center

genetic epidemiology of eating disorders, mood disorders, fibromyalgia, personality disorders, and substance use disorders. Pharmacologic treatment studies for psychiatric disorders and pain syndromes.

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Jeffrey Huffman, MD

Director, Cardiac Psychiatry Research Program, MGH Division of Psychiatry and Medicine
Medical Director, Inpatient Psychiatry Service, MGH
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, HMS

Cardiac Psychiatry Research Program

depression treatment in cardiac patients

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John Kelly, Ph.D.

Director, Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS), MGH; Director, Recovery Research Institute, MGH; Associate Director, Center for Addiction Medicine, MGH; Elizabeth R. Spallin Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the Field of Addiction Medicine, HMS

Addiction Recovery Management Services

experimental and naturalistic studies that develop and test new treatments for individuals with substance use disorders

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Diego Pizzagalli, PhD

Director, Center for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Research, McLean Hospital
Director, McLean Imaging Center
Director, Laboratory for Translational and Affective Neuroscience
Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Laboratory for Affective and Translational Neuroscience

Behavioral, electrophysiological, and neuroimaging approaches to investigate cognitive and affective dysfunction in depression and anxiety disorders; improve our understanding the pathophysiology of these disorders; and develop biomarkers of treatment response.

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Mary Zanarini, EdD

Program Director, Laboratory for the Study of Adult Development, McLean Hospital
Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

McLean Center for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Etiology, phenomenology, co-occurring disorders, treatment response, and long-term course of borderline personality disorder.a