Philip Cawkwell (2019)

As a resident in the MGH/McLean PSTP my research focused on understanding factors that influence functional outcomes for individuals with first psychotic episodes. I worked with Ann Shinn, Dost Ongur, Mei Hall, and the McLean OnTrack first episode program.

By conducting large-scale studies of this population, we have multiple papers in process that explore how diagnosis, treatment, substance use, and trauma impact engagement with treatment and functional outcomes. With support from the PSTP, I have been able to present my research at the APA and was fortunate to be awarded a spot in the APA Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators.

Having completed residency, I now plan to complete a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry (2019-2021) as I work to determine how best to combine my clinical and research interests.


New York University, M.D., 2016
University of Pennsylvania, B.A., 2011


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2019: APA Research Colloquium for Junior Psychiatrists
2018: AAP Resident Psychiatric Educator Award
2016: Arthur Zitrin Award in Bioethics
2016: Dr. Saul J. Farber Student Research Award in Public Health
2015: The Gold – Hope Tang, MD 2015 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest
2014-2015: Rudin Medical Ethics and Humanities Fellowship Program
2014: Anthony J. Grieco Award for Outstanding Essay in Creative Arts
2014: Daniel Liebowitz Prize for Student Essay
2013: Department of Pediatrics Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship Program