Jessica Becker, (2019)

I am a PGY-4 resident in the MGH/McLean Combined Adult-Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Residency, and I am currently beginning my two years of dedicated Child training. I came to residency having studied Economics during my undergraduate years and having spent several years in research at the intersection of cost-effectiveness, epidemiology, and health policy. My clinical interests lie at the interface of neuromedical and psychiatric illness in children. During my time in the RCP, I have worked to tie my research skills to these clinical interests.

Over the last year, I have been working under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Waldinger with the Harvard Study of Adult Development, a nearly 80-year prospective cohort, to examine long-term psychiatric outcomes in individuals with childhood head injury. Through the support of the RCP, I have been able to design this project, collect and analyze data, and present my work at several local conferences. I was also selected to present my project at the APA Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators. The RCP afforded me not only the protected time to work on this project, but also the support of mentorship and the ability to take courses, including a child psychiatry epidemiology course at the Harvard School of Public Health, which have helped me to develop my goals of becoming a services researcher at the intersection of medical and psychiatric illness in children.

During my time in residency, I have also continued research that I began during medical school examining health policy affecting the practice of psychiatric care and was supported by the RCP to attend the International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication (Peer Review Congress), where my work was being presented.

As I begin my fellowship, I am working to devise a project examining health care costs and utilization for children with comorbid medical and psychiatric illness as well as a cost-effectiveness analysis for seizure screening in psychiatric patients.


Yale University School of Medicine, MD, 2015

Harvard University, B.A., 2009


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National Merit Scholarship, 2005-2006