Joan Camprodon (2012)

My name is Joan Camprodon and I am a PGY4 resident in the research concentration program at MGH-McLean. I am originally from Barcelona (Spain) and studied Medicine at the University of Barcelona. I finished the last year of Medical School at the Humboldt University in Berlin though, and started my research training in the Berlin Neuroimaging Center and the Department of Neurology at the Charite Hospital. After 2 years in Germany I moved to Boston to do a PhD in Neuroscience with Alvaro Pascual-Leone in the Department of Neurology at BIDMC and a Master in Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. My background is in Cognitive and Translational Neuroscience and I use neuromodulation, neuroimaging and the different combinations of both (including simultaneous TMS-fMRI) to study functional connectivity and neuroplasticity in health and disease.

Some of my earlier cognitive and systems neuroscience research focused on understanding the dynamic interaction between feedforward and feedback pathways in the visual system, particularly related to mechanisms of visual awareness and attention. My translational neuroscience work focuses on the role of plasticity in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders and the therapeutic application and mechanism of action of invasive and noninvase neuromodulation, such as TMS, tDCS, ECT and DBS. My current projects use this translational approach to characterize the mood and reward circuits in healthy humans and neuropsychiatric patients, and develop clinical applications including biomarkers and therapies.

Joan's Senior Talk, presented on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, was entitled "Simultaneous combination of TMS and fMRI: a window into mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disease and recovery."



Universitat de Barcelona, Ph.D, 2007
Harvard University, MPH, 2006
Universitat de Barcelona, M.D., 2002


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2011 Harry and Saima Solomon Award
2010 MGH Diversity Committee APA Travel Award
2010 NIMH Outstanding Resident Award
2011 ANPA Career Development Award