Evan Macosko (2014)

I am a third-year psychiatry resident in the research concentration at MGH-McLean. I received my medical degree from Cornell Medical College, and my PhD from Rockefeller University, where I worked with Cori Bargmann on genetic and circuit-level studies of social behavior in the genetic model organism C. elegans.  My work characterized a collection of oxygen- and pheromone- sensitive neurons that work in concert to regulate worm aggregation.  The work combined genetics, molecular biology, and calcium imaging techniques.

I have joined Steve McCarroll's lab in the Harvard Medical School Genetics Department. Steve's lab is interested in understanding the biological impact of risk alleles that have been recently identified in neuropsychiatric disease, with a particular emphasis on copy number variants.  I plan to develop single-cell genetic and expression-profile techniques to provide molecular insight into how a genetic lesion affects the function of particular cell types or circuits in the human brain.


Weill Cornell Medical College, M.D., 2010
Rockefeller University, Ph.D., 2009
Harvard College, B.A., 2003


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2012 NIMH Outstanding Resident Award