Bilal Bari

I am a freshly-minted PGY-1 resident thrilled to be a part of the PSTP at MGH/McLean. I was born in Pakistan and lived in London, New Jersey, and NYC before settling in rural Georgia. I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where I majored in biomedical engineering. I completed my MD/PhD at Johns Hopkins where I obtained a PhD in neuroscience. I focused on how individual neurons in cortico-basal-ganglia circuits contribute to flexible decision making.

I am passionate about understanding what makes us intelligent and how these processes go awry in mental illness. I am broadly interested in computational psychiatry, particularly at the interface of cognitive science and psychiatry. During residency, I hope to apply computational theories of intelligence to better understand, diagnose, and parse psychiatric disease. Outside of my core research focus, I am interested in causal inference, statistical modeling, motor control, and medical decision making.

Outside of the lab, I am an avid cyclist, lover of literature, and video game enthusiast.


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MD, PhD, 2021