Apply to the Research Concentration Program

The following information must be submitted electronically as a single PDF document to Aram Bedrosian (  Each section must be on a separate page. Please follow the order of the application as follows and adhere to the maximum number of pages allowed for each section indicated in parentheses.  Label each section and include applicant’s name in upper right corner of each page.  Please follow NIH format guidelines: Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype, or Georgia fonts with a font size of 11 or larger with minimum of ½ inch margins. All applicants must provide: (1) Applicant C.V. (4 pages) – NIH biosketch OR Harvard format preferred. (2) Research Training/Career Plans (1 page) – brief description of present or recently completed research training, and applicant’s future career plans.
Current MGH/McLean resident applicants (i.e. rising PGY2, PGY3, and PGY4 residents) must provide: (3) Proposal (2 pages with no appendices) – a statement from the applicant outlining training and/or project goals that will be accomplished during the program. For residents with more established interests and project goals (i.e., PGY2 and PGY3), one representative project should be described in sufficient detail to elucidate hypothesis, significance, and central methodology.  Figures, tables, diagrams, etc., must be included within the 2-page limit.  Applicants are encouraged to include a rough timeline of proposed research activities, including local and national conferences, research education seminars, and other anticipated benchmarks (e.g., application for research awards, manuscripts submissions, IRB applications, etc.).  Applicants should also describe other scientific collaborations they are either considering or already pursuing. (4) References (1 page, optional) – a listing up to ten bibliographical references may be included. (5) Abstract (less than 250 words) – a summary of the research project written in layman’s terms. If the applicant is accepted into the program, this material may be used in the Program’s website. (6) Mentor C.V. (4 pages) – NIH biosketch OR the biography portion of the curriculum vitae only. (7) Current grant support of the mentor (2 pages) – this must be included. If an applicant has two mentors, NIH biosketches and current grant support must be included for both mentors. (8) Mentor Letter of Support (1 page) – Applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation providing details about the candidate’s accomplishments and activities that demonstrate the applicant’s research potential, and justify additional protected time from clinical responsibilities during PGY2 and PGY3.  The letter should describe the preceptor’s accomplishments as both a researcher and mentor as well as a description of the specific responsibilities that preceptor would have with regard to the applicant’s research training program.  Preceptors must be approved by the RC Executive Committee based on their track record of research, mentorship, and dedication to supporting the unique challenges faced by research-oriented psychiatry residents.   One additional letter of support from either a co-mentor or graduate school advisor is permitted.