Welcome to the Newly Matched Class of 2019!

Posted: March 20th, 2015

Join us in welcoming the sixteen new residents in the Class of 2019! The new class will begin their training on June 8th.
Baktash Babadi grew up in Iran and received his MD from Tehran University of Medical Sciences where he was the founding organizer of the Neuroscience Interest Group, and completed his MD thesis on Quantitative EEG features in patients with Bipolar Mood Disorder in the Manic Phase. Following a year working as a general practitioner in Iran, Baktash made his way to the US and earned a PhD with distinction in Theoretical Neuroscience from Columbia University. Baktash subsequently earned the prestigious Swartz Post-Doctoral fellowship at the Center for Brain Science at Harvard University where he has been spending his time prior to residency. Baktash enjoys traditional Persian music and is a player of Tar (a traditional Persian instrument), western classical music, writing poems, hiking and philosophy.
Jessica Becker grew up in Newton before attending Harvard where she majored in Economics. Prior to medical school, she spent two years as a research assistant at MGH working with an HIV prevention group. During medical school at Yale, Jessica continued her interest in research participating in a study examining the reporting of clinical trial results. She was also heavily involved in curriculum work within the medical school. She has been dancing since she was a child and is an accomplished ballerina. Jessica has an interest in child and adolescent psychiatry and will be joining our Child Psychiatry Track.
Samuel Boas received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He subsequently spent a year working with at-risk and runaway youth in Michigan. He matriculated at Weill Cornell Medical College, where he has been extremely involved in community outreach programs, mentoring, and teaching students of all ages. He conducted a qualitative research study of physicians’ experiences with a new electronic health record in order to improve future EHR implementation.
Brian Boyle was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Yale for his undergraduate studies, where he majored in Philosophy. At Harvard Medical School, he became involved with several research projects, most recently exploring phenotypes in psychotic patients at McLean Hospital. He has also been involved in entrepreneurship involving patient-centered mobile-device- and web-based applications for healthcare education, including service as Chief Executive Officer for a start-up company. Clinically, Brian is interested in psychosomatic medicine and patients with first-episode psychosis and mania. In his free time, he enjoys mountain and road biking as well as hiking.
Douglas Brennan attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Systems Engineering. After serving as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, he elected to pursue medical training at the University of Colorado, where he has cultivated a passion for treating PTSD in veterans and first-responders. He enjoys cycling and woodworking in his spare time.
Lauren Broderick grew up in South Carolina and attended Furman University, where she majored in Neuroscience. Following a gap year during which she volunteered at a rape crisis center, Lauren matriculated at Cornell, where she continued a strong dedication to service and social justice, volunteering at the Cornell Center for Human Rights as well as serving as the psychiatry co-director at her school’s a free clinic. Lauren has a strong interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy and in working with disenfranchised populations. She enjoys running and yoga.
Kristina Cieslak attended Notre Dame, where she majored in Psychology. From there, she matriculated at New York University School of Medicine, where she initially considered orthopedic surgery before discovering her love of psychiatry. She has participated in several clinical research projects involving patients with schizophrenia, and also served as an inaugural student member of her school’s admissions committee. She has also served as a music outreach instructor at a hospital-based school for emotionally-disturbed children. Outside of work, Kristina enjoys playing volleyball and is also a classical pianist.
Julia Cromwell grew up near Baltimore and completed her undergraduate studies at Duke, where she majored in History. Afterwards, she joined the Peace Corps spending two years in Burkina Faso and later returning to Liberia in a leadership role. Prior to medical school Julia also spent a year working at a school for autistic children on the campus of Sheppard Pratt. Julia matriculated at Johns Hopkins University where she continued her service involvement working with refugees and other disenfranchised populations. She also helped to write test questions for the USMLE exams. Julia enjoys hosting dinner parties and listening to podcasts.
Jonathan Henry attended Grinnell College, during which time he spent a month volunteering with post-Katrina relief efforts. After receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Biochemistry he spent a year working as a teacher prior to medical school. He matriculated at the University of Chicago where he performed microbiology research as an MD/PhD student. However, he was delighted to discover his passion for psychiatry upon his return to the wards as a third year. He also has a love for natural history and enjoys volunteering as a tour guide at a local museum.
Ran Li majored in neurobiology at Harvard College before attending The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. While in college, Ran participated in a project that sought to use fMRI to screen for Alzheimer's disease and another project examining whether vitamin C affected cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease. In medical school, he conducted research examining outcomes of patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multimforme who underwent surgical resection. In addition to playing the cello, he sang in the Note-A-Chords, JHUSOM's a cappella group.
Geoffrey Liu obtained his B.A. in philosophy from Yale, where he also attends medical school. While in medical school, Geoffrey won the Howard Spiro Society Writing Contest Award, a competition among Connecticut medical students, with an essay about barriers to humanism in medicine. He was co-president of the Bioethics Interest Group at Yale School of Medicine. He has conducted research on neurodevelopment in schizophrenia and the genetics of appetite. In his spare time, he plays the piano and flute and performs spoken word poetry.
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Madva graduated from Yale with a degree in Cognitive Science. In college, she began her exploration of child and adolescent psychiatry through clinical research by working in the Infant Cognition Center. Following a post-bac program at Bryn Mawr, Lizzy enrolled in medical school at Cornell, where she volunteered at the student-run free clinic and served as secretary to the Class Council. She also served as the medical student liaison for the New York Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Growing up, Lizzy was an avid skier and continues to enjoy the sport.
Flannery Merideth attended the University of New Mexico and majored in psychology before spending three years working at The Mind Research Network as a research associate. She then matriculated at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, where she spearheaded the development of a quality improvement curriculum for the UNM psychiatry residency. Flannery held numerous leadership positions in her medical school class. She is an avid writer and a creative cook, having twice won the UNM Iron Chef competition.
Meghan Musselman grew up in New Orleans. She received her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Tulane, during which she conducted research in memory and learning processes. Following a post-bac year, Meghan attended Temple University School of Medicine, where she served as secretary of the Honor Board and participated in a tutoring program at a local Philadelphia elementary school. Meghan has a strong interest in forensic psychiatry, and is particularly interested in working with patients in the prison system. She has a long-standing interest in art and continues to enjoy drawing in her free time.
Emily Sorg attended Brown University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She matriculated into the Humanities in Medicine Program at Mount Sinai, where she has been active in promoting student wellness, including using mindfulness based stress reduction to promote resilience. She developed and co-led a creative writing workshop for medical students, and was elected into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. She enjoys hiking, poetry, and collecting antiques, and has spent time living and working on a sheep dairy farm. She will be joining the Child Psychiatry Track.
Jonathan Zebrowski was the editor-in-chief of The Daily Princetonian while a student at Princeton University, where he majored in politics. He worked as a research associate the University of Miami in pediatrics before he enrolled at Emory University School of Medicine. While at Emory, he investigated the effects of alcohol use on PTSD. He has also held many leadership roles, including president of the Emory Medical Student Senate. In addition to continuing to write, Jonathan enjoys playing the guitar and backpacking.

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