June Means More Than Just Warmer Weather to MGH/McLean Residents

Posted: June 17th, 2014

June of every year is a significant time for PGY4 residents, and not just because it brings warmer weather. June is the time when PGY4 residents give their Senior Talk, a brief presentation what each resident has learned during their residency before the start their post residency careers. The subject of each talk varies, from an exploration of how shame affects both the patient and the psychiatrist to how creating a genetically modified mouse can help further our understanding of eating disorders. For a complete list of the speakers and their topics, please refer to the bottom of the article.

Additionally, each June the MGH/McLean recognizes some of our residents for their outstanding work in the clinic as well as in the lab. Please see below for the full list of award recipients.

  • Hackett Award – Jennifer Gatchel, MD, PhD
  • Joyce and Richard Tedlow Award – Rachel Ross, MD, PhD
  • Paul Howard Award – Stephanie Cincotta, MD
  • Ed Messner Award – Heather Vestal, MD, MHS
  • Anne Alonso Award – Kathryn Tompkins, MD
  • Mel Kayce Award – Christina Brezing, MD
  • Laughlin Award – Alex Keuroghlian, MD, MSc
  • Outstanding Contribution to Neuroscience Award – Evan Macosko, MD, PhD

2014 Senior Talk Symposium Speakers

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 MGH, Haber Conference Room

  • Justin Johnson, MD - Literature Lessons in Psychiatry
  • Evan Macosko, MD, PhD - Drop-Seq: My Three-Year, Affect-Laden Quest to Build a New Biotechnology
  • Kathryn Topkins, MD - Regret in Substance Use Disorders
  • Hasani Baharanyi, MD - Mens et Manus: Student Mental Health at MIT
  • Melissa Matthews, MD - The Psychiatry-Spirituality Junction: Exchanging Information to Optimize Care
  • Rachel Ross, MD, PhD - Reductionist Psychiatry: How the Mind Becomes the Brain
  • Emily Mukherji, MD - Projective Identification and Scapegoating in Group Therapy

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 McLean Hospital, de Marneffe, Room 132

  • Virginie-Anne Chouinard, MD - Withdrawal, Rebound and Supersensitivity Symptoms Associated with Psychotropic Medication
  • Francisco Agrait-Taboas, MD - Learning to Say Goodbye
  • Heather Vestal, MD, MHS - Shame and Vulnerability in Residency Training
  • Jennifer Gatchel, MD, PhD - Of Mice and Men: The interface of Neurodegeneration and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Alex Keuroghlian, MD, MSc - Diathesis, Stress, and Arrested Gay Development
  • Stephanie Cincotta, MD - Things Do Not Change, We Change: Optimizing Treatment and Minimizing Side Effect Burden with Antipsychotic Medications
  • Christina Brezing, MD - Reflections on Change
  • Michael Bolton, MD - Reflections: Coping with Amputations and Student Mental Health in Norway

To view the recordings of the 2014 Senior Talks, please email Aram Bedrosian to request access.

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