Introducing the class of 2016

Posted: August 10th, 2012

The sixteen new residents arrived on June 8th, representing a diverse set of backgrounds and interests, from global health and political advocacy to mind-body medicine and the neuroscience of sleep. They began their clinical rotations on June 21st, and here we introduce them.
 Brittany Albright Brittany Albright was awarded a Bachelors in Science from Emory University in 2007, and holds an MPH and MD from the University of New Mexico. Her interests include public health and healthcare policy, as well as treatments for addiction in pregnant women. While in Boston, she hopes to take advantage of opportunities at MGH and Mclean to pursue her interests in addiction medicine and alternative therapies.
David Beckmann holds a BS degree from Duke University and studied for his MD at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn he also completed a Masters in Public Health, working with Philadelphia’s Child Welfare system, examining ways to improve quality and access to mental health care.  He looks forward to working with community outreach programs at MGH, exploring ways to bring mental health care to disadvantaged children and adolescents.
Deanna Chaukos Deanna Chaukos studied community health and immunology at Brown University, where she became interested in the bio-psycho-social impact of HIV in North America. She attended medical school at the University of Toronto, where she was drawn to psychiatry and inner city mental health. She hopes that MGH and McLean will enable her to aid in the promotion of mental health among disadvantaged communities in the Boston area.
Kevin Donnelly-Boylen Kevin Donnelly-Boylen holds a BA from University of Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied political science. After several years working as an EMT in Boston, Kevin pursued his medical degree at  Georgetown University. He is thrilled to spend the next four years at Mass General and Mclean exploring the intersection between HIV and psychiatry, as well as issues of LGBTQ health.
Adrienne Gerken Adrienne Gerken did her undergraduate training at Harvard University, and spent three years working as an editor for travel guides before heading to medical school. She holds an MD from Columbia University, where she won a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship to work on projects in pediatric endocrinology. Adrienne hopes that the diversity of resources at MGH and McLean will allow her to explore her wide range of interests.
Kavitha Kolappa Kavitha Kolappa graduated with a BA in International Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2005, before pursuing an MD from Johns Hopkins, followed by an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health. Kavitha is learning from Dr. Greg Fricchione at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine to further her understanding of mind body medical approaches and the relationship between depression and chronic illness.
Hermioni Lokko Hermioni Lokko grew up in Ghana before moving to Indiana to study for her undergraduate degree at Purdue University. Hermioni came to Boston to study for both her MD and a Master’s in Public Policy at Harvard. She is interested in bringing her training to the domains of global health and health policy, and during her residency hopes to evaluate the structure for psychiatry training in Global settings and explore the relationship between child welfare and mental health.
David Marcovitz David Marcovitz studied Russian literature at Princeton, and spent a year working on public health projects on a Fulbright in Russia before heading south and undergoing his medical training at Vanderbilt University. He decided to attend the psychiatry residency program at MGH and McLean in order to gain further experience with both bipolar disorder and addictions, as well as pursue interests in mental health advocacy and medical education.
Thomas McCoy Thomas McCoy completed his undergrad at Dartmouth College, where he studied philosophy and neuroscience. He pursued his MD at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, where he took a year to research external fixation biomechanics. Tom has arrived in Boston eager to utilize the resources of MGH and McLean to continue his research in medical informatics.
Michael Murphy Michael Murphy studied at the University of Wisconsin for over a decade, earning his BS, MD, and a PhD in neuroscience. Michael is excited to move to Boston to continue his research into the differential sleep patterns of those with psychiatric illness. As a member of the MGH/McLean psychiatry residency’s Research Concentration Program, he intends to work in a lab using EEG and functional connectivity MRI techniques to study sleep behavior.
Blythe Rose A. Blythe Rose graduated from Brown in 2002, and spent several years conducting research in child psychiatry, brain imaging, and genetics at the NIMH.  Blythe then studied medical anthropology in Guatemala and Costa Rica before pursuing an MPH in International Health at BU and an MD at the Harvard Medical School.  She is interested in determinants of childhood resilience, and plans to work within the Division of Global Psychiatry at MGH during residency
Alex Sidelnik Alex Sidelnik grew up in Kansas City before attending Duke University, where he swam competitively and majored in Biology. He completed his MD at the Tufts University School of Medicine, and is excited to remain in Boston, where he has plans to work clinically with psychotic and bipolar disorders, as well as continue his pursuit of interests related to health care policy.
Michael Soule Michael Soule studied International Relations at Brown before attending medical school at Yale and pursuing research in Ukraine on the intersection between injection opiate use, HIV, and public policy. Michael has a developing interest in medical education, and has conducted research on the place of substance abuse treatment in the U.S. correctional system.  He is excited to train in psychiatry with a faculty of such unparalleled depth and breadth.
David Van Norstrand David Van Norstrand grew up in Minnesota and attended Calvin College in Michigan, where he studied physics. He completed the MD PhD program at the Mayo Medical School, investigating the genetics of sudden infant death in a cardiac arrhythmias lab. David hopes to apply his training in genetics to the etiology of psychiatric diseases during the next four years of his residency.
James Wilkins James Wilkins majored in Biochemistry at Bowdoin College, where he won a Marshall Scholarship to pursue a DPhil in Human Genetics at the University of Oxford. After earning his DPhil, he attended Harvard Medical School, and has remained in Boston since. James is interested in geriatric psychiatry and Medicare/Medicaid, and is eager to gain experience developing behavioral treatment modules.
Anna Wiste Anna Wiste studied neuroscience and behavior at Columbia University, and graduated with an MD PhD from Emory University in 2010. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research investigated genetic associations with mood disorders, and she is excited to pursue research into genetic risk prediction for both mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions while at MGH and McLean.

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