Samuel Dotson

I'm currently in the final few weeks of our three-month rotation on Blake 11 (MGH's Med-Psych unit), and I couldn't be happier that I chose this program! Blake is a truly incredible learning experience. It is a 24-bed inpatient psychiatry unit that treats patients with a wide variety of illnesses, acuities, and sociocultural backgrounds. We see plenty of patients with bread-and-butter conditions, but we also diagnose zebras and work on incredibly complex cases. Blake puts you in the driver's seat of your team while making sure that you have ample support available from our attendings and PGY2s. I think one of the best parts about the Blake rotation is its continuity and camaraderie. By the time I finally got comfortable with a rotation in medical school it was basically time to rotate off. On Blake, you'll be on the unit for three straight months, so you really get to know your nurses, attendings, and patients. You’ll be paired with your team social worker, and you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with medical students for their one-month clinical rotations. On top of that, you end up spending so much time with your co-interns that they may well become your best friends! Did I mention that you get three hours of supervision and resiliency training a week, as well as nights and weekends off?


My career interests in psychiatry are broad. I came to the field late after seriously considering fields like cardiology, radiation oncology, and critical care. I find the science and art of psychiatry to be uniquely fascinating, and I especially love how our field is team driven and intersects with so many of humanity's biggest questions. My primary interests right now are medical education, psychotic disorders and SPMI, and evidence-based mental health. I’ve gotten to explore and grow in all of these areas while on my Blake rotation.


On a personal level, I'm a North Carolinian who had no exposure to New England prior to residency. I grew up in Charlotte, went to undergrad at the University of Alabama where I studied biochemistry, and then went straight into medical school at UNC. I was pretty nervous about the potential culture shock of moving up North and living in a big city. In fact, I had only visited Boston once before I moved here for residency, and that was for my residency interview. I have absolutely loved it so far! The people both inside and outside the hospital are incredibly nice, and I found it super easy to find a community to settle into with so many diverse people and opportunities. The summer is beautiful and there is always something to do on the weekends. I've spent a lot of weekends hiking and camping in New Hampshire, checking out new restaurants in China Town and Fenway, and spending time with my co-interns. I really can't emphasize enough how incredibly kind, friendly, and fun my co-residents and faculty are. They are definitely the best part of our program.