Meghan Musselman

As I enter my fourth year of residency, I continue to be abundantly grateful to be part of the MGH/McLean community. In the past three years of residency, I have experienced psychiatry in a variety of settings, including the emergency room, the medical-surgical setting, a jail, a variety of inpatient units, a child and adolescent residential program, and a homeless shelter for people experiencing serious mental illness. In the last year, as a PGY-3, I developed a robust outpatient clinic at MGH and began to appreciate the value of longitudinal relationships with my patients and their families.

The fourth year of residency at MGH/McLean is an exciting and unique year. After three years immersed in medicine, neurology and multiple subspecialties of psychiatry, the fourth year is almost entirely elective, allowing residents to focus on specific interests. In addition to carrying my outpatient panel at MGH, my fourth year is dedicated to honing skills in forensic psychiatry and medical education.

My interest in the criminal justice system developed early in life. I grew up in New Orleans with my mother, a criminal prosecutor. Dinner table discussions frequently came back to the criminal justice system. Through rotations in medical school and residency, I gained an appreciation for the intersection of severe mental illness and the criminal justice system. MGH/McLean nurtured my interest in forensics beginning intern year by connecting me with multiple MGH/McLean forensic psychiatrists, who have given me opportunities in academic writing and performing forensic evaluations. In my fourth year, I am spending a day every week performing forensic evaluations and am participating in the Psychiatry and the Law seminar. I am also working with forensic and community psychiatry faculty to further develop the forensic curriculum and other opportunities within the MGH/McLean residency.

My interest in medical education developed during residency, through the enjoyment I have gained in teaching medical students and junior residents. In addition to furthering forensic educational opportunities within the residency, I am serving as Co-Chief Resident of Blake 11, the MGH inpatient psychiatric unit. As Co-Chief, I have the opportunity to work with and teach medical students, PGY-1s, PGY-2s and psychology interns. Blake 11 was my favorite experience of intern year, and I love getting to work with junior residents as they go through this formative rotation.

I am so glad I chose MGH/McLean for residency. When applying for residency, I knew I wanted a program where I would gain experience in my specialized interests, see different patient populations in terms of background and diagnosis, be trained in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, and have research opportunities. MGH/McLean has given me all these things, in addition to a group of co-residents with whom I will remain lifelong friends. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, “true crime” podcasts, spinning, exploring New England beaches with my co-residents, and traveling with my husband.


Temple University School of Medicine, M.D., 2015

Temple University School of Medicine, Post-Bacc., 2011

Tulane University, B.S., 2010