Katherine Koh

It has been a true privilege to be part of the MGH/McLean community over the past two years. I feel I have grown and matured as a physician and individual, while being inspired and challenged by the faculty and peers around me. PGY-2 was a formative and whirlwind year in which I learned to practice psychiatry in a diversity of settings, including the emergency room, psychotic disorders unit, addictions, child/adolescent, and geriatrics units, outpatient clinic, and even on the streets of Boston. Now as a PGY-3, I have started off the year immersed in consultation psychiatry. I am not only learning how to think rigorously about the intersection of psychiatric and medical illness, but also the valuable skill of how to advocate for patients with mental illness to receive the best possible care.

The MGH/McLean program excites me because it integrates patient care, research, and policy to create the best life possible for people with psychiatric illness. I am particularly drawn to community psychiatry, as I have a strong interest in the homeless population, the public mental health system, and the recovery model of patient care. During college and medical school, I was motivated by working with the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program and researching issues related to obesity and nutrition. I am passionate about public health and shaping environments that enable people to reach their potential. MGH/McLean allows me to dream big and keep these aspirations alive while working on the front lines of patient care. My clinical work has been enriched also by the fantastic extracurricular groups the residency offers, including the Clinician Educator Program, the Program in Psychodynamics, and the Residency Advocacy Committee.

I was raised in Andover, MA by wonderful parents and two older brothers. Growing up, I loved playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and softball, which remain among my favorite pastimes to this day! I attended college at Harvard University, where I studied psychology as my undergraduate major. I was fortunate to then spend a year at the University of Oxford, where I traveled, met people from around the world, and received a Master of Science degree in Social Policy. At Harvard Medical School, I became captivated by psychiatry. I am deeply grateful to be pursuing a field that is meaningful, fascinating, heartwrenching, and hopeful. I have been enriched by the community of mission-driven thinkers, compassionate hearts, and rigorous clinicians who I have met at MGH/McLean. I look forward to continuing to grow as a psychiatrist with this remarkable community in the two years ahead.


Harvard Medical School, M.D., 2014

University of Oxford, M.Sc., 2010

Harvard University, B.A., 2009