Micaela “Mimi” Owusu

I am now in my PGY4 year and really enjoying the opportunity to tailor my entire experience for the year to precisely my interests! This year, I put forth a proposal for how I want to spend my week and have really chosen to delve deeper into a number of my niche interests – global psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, wellness, administration, education, and enjoying life! MGH/McLean has been the perfect environment for somebody, like me, who is keen to explore, expand, and hone their interests.

Friends, follow me into a week in the life of Mimi:

I maintain a full day MGH-based clinic on MONDAYS filled with both therapy and psychopharm cases. I have been following many of my patients since the beginning of PGY2 and greatly appreciate the opportunity for a longitudinal relationship to witness both of our growths through the years. I have two psychotherapy supervisors with whom I meet weekly and a psychopharm supervisor with whom I meet every other week.

On TUESDAYS I dedicate time to a global tele-education project that I have been spearheading with colleagues in Ghana, at MGH, at McLean, and at BMC to create a bidrectional educational relationship that expands upon our interactions with colleagues in other countries and increases global exposure to lectures on psychiatric subspecialties. In addition to developing and executing the global curriculum, I am doing some educational research in the process. I also have an on-the-ground medical teaching project in Ghana to which I was introduced by many of my global psychiatry mentors at MGH. I was so thrilled to spend 3 weeks with Ghanaian medical students, residents, and mentors last year and will do the same once or twice this year. Intermittently throughout the year, I work with the intern class during protected didactic time on wellness initiatives.

All PGY2-4s have WEDNESDAYS for protected didactics. It is a wonderful time for all the upper year psychiatry residents to come together to socialize and learn. Intermittently through the year, I also work with the upper year residents during the protected didactic time on wellness initiatives.

Once monthly on Wednesday evenings I attend the Clinician Educator Program, which has been helpful in teaching me techniques to improve my teaching and to guide me through my educational projects. On other Wednesdays I may attend a meeting of the Resident Advocacy Committee or the Wellness Committee. Like many residents, I also attend therapy on Wednesday evenings, which we are encouraged to do through a yearly guided of therapists in the area who will see residents for reduced fee or using insurance.

On THURSDAYS I spend the full day at Codman Square Health Center, a full-service community clinic in Dorchester, MA. At Codman, I have the privilege to participate in school-based interventions at the K-12 charter school located in the health center as well as assist in the establishment of their pediatric integrated care program. I am so excited by the opportunities there as I embark on my future career in child and adolescent psychiatry.
I also run a weekly interpersonal group therapy on FRIDAYS with my supervisor and co-leader. I also take three supplementary courses throughout the week in writing, couples therapy, and professionalism with some stellar attendings! This year, like many final year residents, I have taken on a chiefship – MGH administrative chief – for which I have scheduled half days to work on administrative duties throughout the week.

On WEEKENDS I hang with my peeps! My residency friends are some of my most favorite people in my life, but I have also managed to make and keep a number of friends outside of the program as well. I attend dance classes, go to the gym, watch bad television, take day-trips, meander the city by foot, and spend time in my beautiful garden apartment in Cambridge. I also moonlight at McLean a few times a month to maintain my lifestyle of frequent international travel with my siblings.


Yale University, M.D., 2013

University of Oxford, M.Sc., 2009

Harvard University, B.A., 2007