Lauren Deaver

Three names are listed on the schedule for my first Pediatric Neurology continuity clinic. One person already sits in the waiting room, ready for me to call them back and begin the appointment. Attendings wait down the hall, ready to listen and provide teaching, guidance, and support. The moment is surreal. With graduation only weeks ago, it still feels strange to introduce myself as doctor. The new level of responsibility brings a mix of excitement and nerves. That first afternoon moves fast, with patients who present with a range of concerns: headache, non-epileptic seizure, and textbook absence epilepsy. Each patient and story is uniquely rich with learning opportunities exemplifying the intersection of Psychiatry and Neurology. At the end of the day, I am already looking forward to next week’s clinic.

As an intern in the combined Adult-Child and Adolescent program, the weekly Pediatric Neurology continuity clinic is a unique aspect of my schedule during my Pediatrics months. So far, I have completed rotations in Pediatric Neurology consults, a Pediatric Medical Genetics elective, and I am a week into my inpatient Pediatric wards block. What has impressed me most on each rotation is the sense of teamwork, passion, and kindness displayed at all levels from intern to attending. Days are fast-paced, with many new challenges. But the support, humor, friendship and deep care for patients of my co-interns, and many others, has made the transition from medical student to intern a positive experience.

With a strong clinical interest in child and adolescent psychiatry, the combined program at MGH/McLean seemed to perfectly fit on the interview trail. Prior to medical school, I taught third grade in rural Mississippi. My experiences there shaped a deep desire to serve children and families through a career in child and adolescent psychiatry. I am excited to explore the abundant opportunities and offers of mentorship over the course of my time here. I feel that I couldn’t be in a better place to learn and develop as a psychiatrist.

Of course, it’s not all work! On days off, my husband and I have loved exploring the Boston area. Though I grew up outside the city, this is my first time living here in many years! Whether we’re taking our puppy to the dog park or trying new restaurants with friends or catching an outdoor concert at the Hatch Shell, there’s always something exciting to do! Boston has started to feel like home, with many exciting adventures ahead!