Liu 225x180

Geoffrey Liu: PGY1

I'm currently rotating through the Newton-Wellesley hospital ICU, which as its name suggests, is intense. I think the biggest adjustment...

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Musselman 225x180

Meghan Musselman: PGY1

Three months into intern year, I could not be happier to be part of the MGH/McLean community. I began intern year with Behavioral...

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Becker 225x180

Jessica Becker: PGY1

In the few months since my arrival to MGH/McLean, I have been pleasantly surprised to find my expectations of the variety and diversity...

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Leslie Tarver 225x180

Leslie Tarver: PGY2

Almost halfway through my PGY-2 year, I continue to be extremely grateful to be part of the MGH/McLean program. What drew me to the program...

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Alok Knjia 225x180

Alok Kanojia: PGY2

PGY2 year is marked by the weight of responsibility. Whether it is being the sole doctor responsible for 170 beds overnight, or doing...

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Kathrine Koh 225x180

Katherine Koh: PGY2

It has been a true privilege to be part of the MGH/McLean community over the past year. I feel I have grown and matured as a physician...

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Mary Zeng: PGY3

Third year has been a wonderful experience so far. I’m currently rotating through the psychiatry consults service, which has taught...

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Yvonne Chasser: PGY3

Hello! My name is Yvie and I am a PGY-3 in the adult psychiatry residency program. I am currently rotating on the consult service and learning...

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Micaela “Mimi” Owusu: PGY3

As a PGY3 resident, my year is split into 2 and 4 month rotations. For the majority of the year when I am not on the consult-liaison...

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Michael Soule: PGY4

PGY4 year has been an opportunity to continue my work in the outpatient clinic at McLean, expand my psychotherapy panel (which has been...

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David Beckmann: PGY4

The PGY-4 year offers incredible flexibility, and is a fantastic opportunity to peruse my own interests with greater autonomy, while...

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Hermioni Lokko: PGY4

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and miraculously moved to Indiana at the end of high school to attend Purdue University for college....

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