Anna Weissman: PGY1

My first three months as an intern at MGH-McLean have been a whirlwind! My psychiatry co-residents come from incredibly different...

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Tamar Katz: PGY1

I am excited to be here as a part of the MGH/McLean combined residency program.  My background is in philosophy, which I studied as an undergraduate,...

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Micaela “Mimi” Owusu: PGY1

I chose MGH/McLean because I felt very comfortable and engaged throughout my interview day. Conversations were fun and interesting...

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Brittany Albright: PGY2

Being a second year psychiatry resident has allowed me to finally pursue what I love to do on a daily basis! I am currently running...

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David Marcovitz: PGY2

I am one month into my second year of residency and it still feels strange to be called a PGY2 after spending all year as an "intern"....

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Alex Sidelnik

Alex Sidelnik: PGY2

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas although my family is from both Argentina and rural Kansas. I went to school at Duke University...

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Maithri Ameresekere: PGY3

I spend the majority of my clinical time establishing my outpatient practice while gaining exposure to consultation psychiatry in the general...

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Aronica Cotton: PGY3

Third year of residency is much like a coming-of-age story. Residents, like characters in a play, move from innocence to experience;...

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Vinod Rao: PGY3

During residency, I decided to continue using physiology to examine neural circuits underlying behavior. During my PGY-3, I plan to followup...

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Heather Vestal: PGY4

I grew up in Belmont, MA (just a few minutes away from McLean!), and went to Boston College for undergrad. From BC, I went to medical...

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Christina Brezing: PGY4

The final year of the residency gives me a great degree of flexibility to structure my time to accommodate my many interests within...

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