The MGH Dept of Psychiatry Diversity Center supports a vibrant community of talented and diverse students, residents and faculty.


The residents in this program are a special group! We are committed to celebrating our differences, interpersonal growth, and engaging in critical discussions that expand our understanding of and comfort with the diverse experiences of each other. While some of these conversations have occurred in the context of formal didactics (see below), many occur in less formal resident forums such as noon conferences. In the past year, residents openly led and attended forums on the deaths of Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, police officers in Dallas, and the Orlando Pulse Night Club massacre. We are dedicated to better understanding our local and global environments and searching for opportunities to further justice in our communities.

Beginning in 2015, MGH/McLean residents have spearheaded the Resident Advocacy Committee, a group dedicated to challenging systemic disparities in our hospitals and communities and promoting activism and service. With support from program administration and faculty in Community Psychiatry, the RAC residents created two impressive didactics series focused on the topics of racism and advocacy. These curricula have since been presented at national conferences.

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Career Development:

Residents are nurtured in our pursuit of diverse clinical and non-clinical interests spanning community psychiatry, medical education, spirituality, neuroimaging, psychotherapy, health policy, global health, women’s health, and specialized work with minority communities such as LGBTQ and racial/ethnic minorities, just to name a few.

We are thankful to receive generous support in our professional development from faculty mentors. It is not uncommon to receive information about awards, grants, and fellowships for which faculty would like to support our applications, from internal travel grants to national fellowships. One indication of the excellent mentorship on clinical and academic work they provide is the large number of our faculty alumni have gone on to become clinical directors, department chairs, and national leaders.

    • Ranna Parekh, Director of APA’s Division of Diversity and Health Equity
    • Dave Henderson, Chief of Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center and Co-Director of MGH Psychiatry’s Global Division T32 Fellowship
    • Chester Pierce, former Harvard Professor of Psychiatry and prominent scholar on race
    • Stephan Heckers, Director of Vanderbilt University’s Early Psychosis Program
    • Tristan Gorrindo, Director of Education for the American Psychiatric Association
    • And many others!

In our mission to matter greatly to the universe of those who suffer psychiatric disorders, to understand all causes from biology to social determinants, and to minister to those who do suffer, in our communities and worldwide, we cannot succeed without being a diverse and inclusive family. To that end, it is essential to this department to expand the diversity of our training programs, our faculty and the populations here and internationally that we serve. ~Jerry Rosenbaum, Chief, Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital