The MGH Dept of Psychiatry Diversity Center supports a vibrant community of talented and diverse students, residents and faculty.


Our faculty demonstrate a consistent desire to support the experiences of the residents and to improve and expand upon the diversity already robustly represented in our curriculum. Strong mentorship is a core feature of our program, and our mentors and supervisors are committed to our individual personal development as physicians with diverse backgrounds and experiences. For example, residents are developing a book based on their racism curriculum with Dr. Jerry Rosenbaum, the Chief of Psychiatry at MGH. Faculty members with their own minority experiences have been particularly helpful in providing insight into our growth as we navigate this path to becoming psychiatrists. We enjoy picking their brains in supervision, but can attest to even more fun had over dinner, while traveling on global trips, while planning for residency didactics or national workshops, or through monthly meetings of the Centers for Diversity at both MGH and McLean.

In 2015, MGH opened the Disparities Research Unit headed by HMS Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Margarita Alegría. This interdisciplinary unit is funded by multiple NIH grants to generate innovative mental health services research that impacts service delivery for multicultural populations. Residents have enjoyed both mentorship and participation in this group’s research.

Celebrating Mentorship
Kavitha Kolappa, Class of 2016, celebrating with attendings Jerry Rosenbaum and Ted Stern.
Getting to Know Our Attendings
Residents of the Class of 2018 enjoying a Sunday BBQ with Felicia Smith.
Working and Traveling Together
Micaela “Mimi” Owusu, Class of 2017, in Ghana with attendings Carol Wool and Asha Parekh.
Appreciating Time Together
Associate program director Heather Vestal celebrates her birthday with residents.

Institutional Commitment to Diversity:

MGH’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) actively fosters community for underrepresented minorities across specialties through community service, social events and opportunities for mentorship, which brings together residents and faculty. The MGH Department of Psychiatry also has its own independent Diversity Center that hosts monthly lunch meetings and events including the yearly Diversity Dialogues. The McLean Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is the umbrella organization for a number of subcommittees including the LGBTQ and Implicit Bias task forces that review existing literature for application among clinical, training, and research mission elements of the McLean mission.

Diversity is the richness of human differences. Inclusion is when everyone is valued, engaged, and feels connected. At Massachusetts General Hospital, we believe that because of diversity we will excel; through inclusion we will respect; focused on equity we will serve, heal, educate and innovate. ~Massachusetts General Hospital