Applications open September 15!

The joint residency program between Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital, which combines the resources, faculty, and clinical experience of two of the nation’s top psychiatric hospitals, will be recruiting for the class of 2021 beginning in September.  


Where do I start? What are the required elements of my application?

Please use ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System), which will guide you through all the steps to apply. You will need to provide:
  • a completed application,
  • medical school transcript,
  • Dean’s letter,
  • three letters of reference,
  • a personal statement,
  • a picture,
  • USMLE 1 Board scores (please note, USMLE’s are required of all applicants), and
  • any other ERAS requirements.
Also note that your Dean’s office plays a large part in your application process.  

How many applications do you receive? Will I be invited to interview? Which parts of the application are required before I can receive an invitation to interview?

In recent years, we have had more than 900 applications for 16 available positions, so unfortunately, we cannot interview even highly qualified candidates. Between late November and February, we interview approximately 80-90 of the candidates whose backgrounds and interests seem like the best overall fit for the program. As a culture of innovation and forward thinking, we are particularly eager to meet candidates who come both with strong training and a strong vision for the future of psychiatry; i.e., those who would truly be able to hit the ground running in the rich, supportive environment of mentors and other resources that define the MGH/McLean experience. We comprehensively review each applicant and make invitations only once all required elements of the application are in.  

What is the interview process like? How should I prepare?

The interview is a chance for us to get to know you, but equally importantly, for you to get to know us. Because the spirit and day-to-day of our program is equally embedded in the MGH and McLean communities, our interview day spans both campuses. You’ll meet with several of our exceptional faculty, who can give you a sense for the depth and breadth of opportunity in clinical and research training. You’ll also meet with many residents to hear what the program’s like ‘on the ground’, including a resident-only dinner on us.   If you’ve already received an invitation to interview, you will be contacted by our program coordinators to arrange the logistics of your visit.   All you need to do to prepare for the interview is relax, remember what you’ve achieved and why you’ve chosen to go into psychiatry, and if you’re especially curious, you can learn more about the MGH/McLean experience — its history, its residents, its faculty — here on our website.  

I haven’t heard about an interview, but I think I would be a great fit for your program. Should I contact you directly?

Our program coordinators will contact you if you have been selected for an interview. If you have concerns about your application, please contact one of our program coordinators and they will be happy to assist you.

I’m trying to coordinate my schedule. Which interview dates are still available?

We interview on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting after Thanksgiving and going through early February, with a two-week break around the winter holidays. We’ll let you know which dates have openings once you receive an invitation. Sorry, we’re unable to be more specific until you’ve received an invitation to visit us.

I have a strong interest in pursuing research during my clinical training. Do I need to do anything special to be considered for the Research Concentration Program?

Applicants with strong research training who wish to pursue post-doctoral level research during residency (see our RC program page for details) should let us know once receiving an invitation to interview. Formal consideration for the RCP occurs in late Spring after the match.

I’m an International Medical Graduate. Do you sponsor visas? Anything else I should know before I apply?

We do sponsor J1 and H1B visas through the Partners International Office. Clinical experience in the United States is preferred, as well as solid passing scores on exams. Contact the ECFMG to apply through ERAS.

How do I sign up for a visiting clerkship?

Please apply through the HMS Visiting Clerkship Program.   For medical students who qualify for underrepresented minority status (African American, Native American, and Hispanic American), the Minority Faculty Development Program of the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Office for Diversity and Community Partnership (DCP), provides support for clerkships as part the HMS Exchange Clerkship Program. Please visit the HMS DCP website for more information.