Meet the Class of 2022!

Posted: March 16th, 2018

Meet the 16 new residents of the Class of 2022!
Lawrence Belcher, MD Pritzker School of Medicine at University of Chicago Ren was born in Virginia and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He attended college at the University of Chicago, where he majored in political science. After college, he oversaw the development of a new clinic in Detroit while conducting research on shift work disorder. He then returned to the University of Chicago for medical school, where he focused on systems issues in healthcare, including improving care for LGBTQ individuals. He also took an active interest in medical education, serving as a peer educator and creating a wealth of educational resources for his classmates. He enjoys cooking and old game shows.
Kristin Bevington, MD, MEd University of Massachusetts Medical School Kristin was raised in Lowell, MA and completed her undergraduate work at Harvard, studying history and science. After graduation, Kristin worked for several years leading outdoor education programs at national parks and later worked a teacher at a charter school in Oakland. She returned to Harvard to complete her post-bac and also served as Assistant Dean for Harvard’s summer school program before attending medical school at UMass. There, she did some research on adolescent substance use at a residential facility. Kristin is very interested in child and adolescent psychiatry, and particularly in working with school-aged children.
Lauren Deaver, MD University of Mississippi School of Medicine Lauren is originally from Massachusetts and attended college at Elon University in North Carolina. After college, she completed a two-year stint as a third-grade teacher with Teach for America in Indianola, Mississippi. She then attended medical school at the University of Mississippi, where she served on the board of the Jackson Free Clinic and participated in a QI project to improve patient handoffs. Lauren enjoys wandering bookstores and cooking new recipes in her free time. She will be part of our integrated pediatrics and child psychiatry track and has a particular interest in working with schools.
Raphaela Gold, MD, MSc Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Raphi earned her bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from Harvard College, and then went on to earn an MPH at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She returned to New England to attend the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, where she has participated in the Perinatal Addiction Research Program, providing psychiatric and obstetrical care to pregnant and new mothers with substance use disorders. She was also a clinic manager for a local free clinic and has a strong interest in community psychiatry. Raphi is an avid skier and, in her spare time, also enjoys baking pies.
Mila Grossman, MD Pritzker School of Medicine at University of Chicago Mila was born in Madison, WI and attended Georgetown’s School of Nursing and Health Studies for her undergraduate degree in healthcare management and policy. She went to the University of Chicago for medical school, where she explored an interest in women’s mental health. She also conducted quality improvement research on improving patient sleep in the hospital. Throughout medical school she was active in teaching, peer mentorship, and curriculum development. Outside of medical school, she enjoys being active by playing tennis, skiing, and cycling, and she has completed RAGBRAI (a 500-mile bike ride) twice.
Zachary Grunau, MD Tulane University School of Medicine Zack studied Philosophy at Haverford College, before working as a musician and later as an IT specialist at Penn. After completing a post-bac at Harvard, he continued to medical school at Tulane, where he volunteered at a substance abuse treatment facility. Zack took an extra year in medical school to pursue medical education research working on several projects, including the creation of a psychiatry question bank for shelf exam review. In his free time, Zack is a comedy writer for Funny or Die, and enjoys spending time with his fiancée, who is a medical student.
Reuben Hendler, MD Icahn Scool of Medicine at Mount Sinai Reuben studied cognitive neuroscience at Yale University, where he led efforts to improve student mental health and toured with the Whiffenpoofs a capella group. He attended medical school at Mount Sinai, where he continued his work in student wellness by developing a resiliency curriculum. Reuben also developed his interest in systems of care, working on projects in Zimbabwe and New York. He took a strong interest in medical education, engaging in peer tutoring and coordinating a mentorship program for Mount Sinai’s longitudinal clerkship. Reuben enjoys singing and making ice cream.
Linda Herrera de Lechuga, MD, PhD Texas A&M College of Medicine Linda was born and raised in Mexico before coming to the US to attend college at the University of Texas at El Paso. After completing her undergraduate degree in Biology, she stayed on to receive her PhD in Microbiology, studying Chagas disease. Linda then attended medical school at Texas A&M, where she served as an interpreter at a clinic for underserved patients. Linda is interested in cross-cultural and emergency psychiatry, as well as working with adolescents. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with her husband, who is currently a medical student, and her daughter.
Michal McDowell, MD, MPH Harvard Medical School Michal completed her undergraduate degree at Stanford, where she majored in Human Biology with a minor in Iberian and Latin American Studies. She attended Harvard Medical School and completed an MPH with a focus on Health Policy. Her MPH capstone project focused on best practices in mental health prescribing, and she worked to create evidence-based prescribing practices for a large outpatient healthcare provider. Throughout medical school, Michal was active in research and policy related to transgender health, and she hopes to pursue this interest going forward. She enjoys playing with her dog, running, cooking, and practicing yoga.
Alexander Moscicki, MD, MSc Harvard Medical School Alex was raised in Newton, MA and attended Pomona College, where he majored in neuroscience. He then worked as a fellow at NIMH on a project involving pediatric bipolar disorder and pursued master’s work at University College in London, focusing on cognitive neuroscience. In medical school at Harvard, Alex helped direct a free clinic in Chelsea, and spent a fifth year researching autism spectrum disorders in Germany. Alex is also interested in global and cross-cultural psychiatry. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and hiking.
Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo, MD, MS University of California, Davis, School of Medicine Lucy was born in Nigeria, and earned her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Biology at California State University, East Bay. Before medical school she started an undergraduate premedical observation program that provides early medical education and mentorship to undergraduate students, and continues to actively mentor students. She completed her medical school at UC Davis, where she co-founded a student-run free legal clinic and conducted research on neuromodulation as a therapeutic strategy in epilepsy. Lucy enjoys baking, traveling, and watching stand-up comedy in her free time.
Eric Ross, MD University of Michigan Medical School Eric completed his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and neuroscience at Dartmouth College, where he earned a Howard Hughes fellowship to do neuroscience research. He then spent three years doing research at MGH, using mathematical modeling to assess the cost-effectiveness of HIV treatment and prevention strategies. At the University of Michigan Medical School, Eric created a tool to allow patients to provide medical students feedback on their communication skills and volunteered in a clinic for asylum seekers. In his spare time, he cross-country skis and spends time with his cats, Bean and Maya.
Joshua Salvi, MD, PhD Weill Cornell Medical School Josh attended Penn State for his undergraduate degree in biomedical and chemical engineering. He completed his MD and PhD degrees at Weill Cornell Medical School. For his PhD research, Josh studied the role of mechanosensation in hearing and balance. In medical school he held several leadership roles in his school’s student run free clinic, and was a co-founder of Neurodome, a neuroscience outreach program developing high tech films and other interactive media to educate the public about topics in neuroscience. Josh enjoys geocaching, board games, ink making, and spending time with his Welsh Corgi.
Timothy Shea, MD Weill Cornell Medical School Tim was raised in New Haven and attended Boston College, where he majored in psychology. He spent three years working for Teach for America in Baltimore, teaching high school math and serving as the school representative to the Teachers Union. He completed medical school at Weill Cornell, where he was the mental health co-director for a free clinic and created a nutrition class for medical students that helped them learn how to cook healthy meals. He also explored functional neuroimaging research on chronic stress and the use of ketamine. Tim is very interested in community psychiatry, healthcare disparities, and adolescent populations.
Leah Shesler, MD University of Massachusetts Medical School Leah was born and raised in Massachusetts. She attended college at Wesleyan and worked at the MGH Bipolar Clinical Research Program before attending medical school at the University of Massachusetts. At UMass, she was a leader in student wellness, developing and leading a resiliency elective to reduce burnout and promote empathy. Leah enjoys figure skating, barre, jazz violin, and cooking Italian food. She will be part of our integrated pediatrics and child psychiatry track and is passionate about providing early intervention to improve the lives of young people.
Marc Weinberg, MD, PhD University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine Marc completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the College of Charleston before earning his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied the neuroanatomical basis for psychological stress and stress adaptation. In medical school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill he worked in a clinical research group and participated in a Humanities in Medicine track where he became interested in narrative medicine. Marc plans to continue his involvement in clinical research and will continue writing narratives based on medical experiences. In his free time, Marc enjoys finding new running trails and exploring the parks and museums around Boston.

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