Welcome to MGH / McLean!

We are a vibrant learning community with a strong commitment to providing quality patient care, expanding our knowledge through research and innovation, teaching and life long learning and serving our local community.

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An integrated program across two historic campuses

With training shared across the two historic campuses in downtown Boston and nearby Belmont, residents have access to unparalleled resources in a general hospital and a free-standing psychiatric hospital.

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A culture of career mentorship

Faculty of the MGH/McLean program, themselves leaders in psychiatry, thrive on fostering the careers of the residents. Pictured, from left: Scott Rauch MD, Chair, Partners Psychiatry and Mental Health and President of McLean Hospital; Felicia Smith MD, Director of Residency Training; and Jerrold Rosenbaum MD, Chief of Psychiatry at MGH.

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Building friends and colleagues for a lifetime

Current residents favorite thing about the program? Each other. It’s a common theme, and one that promotes a rewarding experience, both at work and at play.

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Fostering Research and Mentorship

Whether it’s studying the basic neuroscience of memory and emotion, testing a novel therapeutic intervention, or getting involved in mental health policy, our program is designed to help each resident navigate the system to find their future career niche, including a program tailored specifically for the psychiatrist neuroscientist.

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Resident Perspectives


Tracy Barbour, PGY4

As a PGY-4 resident in the RCP, I spend most of my time is conducting...

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Leslie Tarver 225x180

Leslie Tarver, PGY1

MGH/McLean is where I wanted to be and each day as I head home...

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Latest Residency News:


Giving our Residents the Expertise to Succeed

The seventh installment of our nine part video series.

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Can Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder be treated with Xenon Gas?

A new study published in PLOS ONE conducted by Edward Meloni, PhD, and Marc Kaufman, PhD of McLean Hospital are reporting that xenon gas, used in humans for anesthesia and diagnostic imaging, has the potential to be a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other memory-related disorders.

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Novel Treatment of Depression Shows Immediate Results

Use of Low-Field Magnetic Stimulation has been shown to lead to immediate improvement in patients with major depressive disorders.

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